Saturday, 23 January 2016

Who is Han Ah Reum?

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Han ah reum, for me its a pretty name so thats why i choose it.
no other reason for it. most of people around me said that i was strong. Well no, not at all. guys c'mon nobody show their sadness in a crowd. faking a smile? not that hard. am i right? or its so fucking hard for you? life? how you describe it? love? happy? sad? or disaster. we never know their truth behind their life, who knows someone around us have kill someone, who have a bad parents, drug addict parents. nowadays, people keep talking about their love story that never a "true love" and nobody realize that some of us this small world still have to beg for some food. so who am i? im just a girl who observe her surrounding so that she know she has a better life than others, and be thankful for that. to be strong you dont need a "friends". stand with your own feet and you will be stronger.